Sessions with older babies-what to expect

I thought I would share some information with you about how a session with a baby that is past the newborn stage works. The classic wrapped newborn style of photography usually work best at around days 10-14, this is because at this stage babies are still very sleepy and curled up which makes it easier to photograph them. However, there are always circumstances in which this timeframe may have passed and that's absolutely perfect as I work with babies of all ages.

It can mean that the session may be a little bit longer as I will always spend whatever time is needed to make sure I get a beautiful gallery for you. And when your baby is a bit older, we may get some nice eye contact and smiles which are gorgeous images to have!

If you prefer lifestyle photography, this style is suitable for all age babies, right from birth. My clients love both styles and what I'm really good at is being able to blend both styles in a way that suits your family and shows the connection between you and your baby.

Above, Baby Ethan, 11 weeks

Every baby is different- I approach my sessions with this in mind always, and I will be very much led by how baby is feeling and what they are responding to. As a mum of three and a specialist in newborn photography, I am well used used to handling babies! I work on an intuitive basis, if baby is happy and relaxed, then that is perfect. If they don't like a certain pose then I will change to do something else. For babies from 2- 4 weeks, it is possible to do a wrapped session. Babies at this stage can be very alert, and move around a lot and in this case I will do a wrap to help soothe and settle them, as it is very difficult to photograph a baby when they are constantly moving. Once they are snugly wrapped baby will most likely have a nice sleep which will allow me to get lots of lovely different images for you.

Above 2 images, Katie, 4 weeks new

In general an older baby session (from roughly 4 weeks and upwards) will be mostly lifestyle based. I focus on getting all those beautiful detail shots, hands, feet, hair, eyes, nose, lips, and also on the connection between you and your baby, hand holding, cuddling and with your family. I can do some wrapping if time allows but generally the session is kept very natural and is all shot using natural light and your home as a backdrop

I will always discuss with you what your preferences are for the session and then work intuitively on the day to create beautiful images of your little one that you will love and cherish forever.

If this sounds good to you, then get in for more information!

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